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Best of Macworld Expo 2011

Date Added 22/02/2011

Last week, we reported on the Macworld Expo 2011 in San Francisco and as promised, here's what we think will be the must have products from this years show.

Our favourite product from this years show has to be Ten One Designs Fling. This product mounts on to the iPad and feels just like an analog joystick whilst users play their favourite on-screen joystick games.

Another product we were impressed by at this years show was Global Delights Boom. Available now on the Mac App Store, this simple volume booster increases the sound on your mac so you can crank it right up to 11 and beyond.

With Apple's Xserve no longer available, a product that caught our eye was H-Squareds Mini Rack which, provides an alternative solution for users who require big servers. The 29" rack can hold up to 18 Mac Mini Servers (6 each rail) giving users 36 cores of pure processing power.

And finally, the most unique product this year has to be Alphyn Industries PADX-1 LEDGE. This jacket has a harness system at the chest and shoulders to support Apple's iPad allowing users to use it anywhere. It really has to be seen to be believed.

With so many products being launched this year, there is no doubt something for everyone and their favourite Apple device. With the rumored release of the iPad 2 and iPhone 5, next year is likely be yet another successful Macworld Expo.

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