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Upgrades & Trade-In Services


Give your machine a new lease of life, with a memory and/or hard drive upgrade fitted by one of our qualified engineers.

Extra memory will help your Mac process information faster, while a larger hard drive can be used to store the growing amount of photos, music and other data that we all like to keep on our computers.

Laptop users should consider the new solid state drives that are now available, lightening fast and no moving parts to go wrong - you will never look back, and your valuable data will be in much safer hands.

Trade-in your old Apple computer

If you are looking to update your current computer with a newer model, our trade in program is a great way to get the latest Apple tech at a much cheaper price.

We'll take into account the current secondhand values and make a reasonable offer* for your working / non-working computer in the form of a discount on a new one.

We can, as part of this service, setup the replacement computer for you, ensuring all of your documents, email, music and pictures etc. are transferred from your old computer** getting you up and running again in no time.

The information on your old computer will then be securely erased so there is no risk what so ever to your personal data. The unit will then be either refurbished, recycled or disposed of in an environmentally friendly manner.

Trade in will generally allow us to give bigger discounts on hardware, software and labour charges that would normally make the new option an expensive one!

* Some computers can be so old or undesirable, that the secondhand value is nil, in these situations we cannot offer anything against a replacement but we may offer to dispose of the computer free of charge.

** The data on your old computer must be readable, failed hard drives will normally need some form of data recovery or may not be recoverable at all.

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