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iPhone 5, rumours, speculation, release date?

Date Added 13/05/2011

With the Apple worldwide developer conference (6th June 2011) just around the corner the rumour mill is working overtime with regards to the iPhone 5. Of course Apple are keeping their cards close to their chest, quashing any rumours stating that this year’s conference will focus its sole attention on software in particular Mac OS and the future of iOS. Maybe Apple are just playing the role of the parent at Christmas ‘sorry kids, all the Buzz Lightyear toys had sold out’ but come the big day the surprise is that much sweeter because the kids had no inkling the space ranger himself would actually be under the tree. Come June 6th whether Steve Jobs reveals a shiny new iPhone on stage or not, all the rumours point to a definite 2011 release.

At MCS we enjoy nothing more than trawling the net to seek out the good, the bad and the downright ridiculous when it comes to new Apple tech. Here is our guide to the best we have come across, you can make up your own mind as to which is which:

Apple is working with Sony on their new camera technology for the iPhone 5. Sony will provide its best sensor technology however these sensors are manufactured in a tsunami hit area of Japan which is likely to push the iPhone 5 release date back to September.

Apple will release an iPhone nano a much smaller version of the iPhone 5 to compete at the lower end of the mobile handset market.

The jump from iPhone 4 to 5 will be much like that of the 3G to 3GS meaning the new phone will be more of a speed/feature upgrade keeping the same design.

It is expected that the iPhone 5 will use the same A5 processor as the new iPad 2 which eats the old A4 processor for breakfast.

The new iPhone will do away with the glass back and opt instead for a metal back which will act as a new iPhone antenna.

There may be two versions of the iPhone 5, standard and a pro version, supposedly Apple are buying in components of differing quality and those parts would not be required for a single phone.

A Chinese reseller unearthed a less than convincing photo of an iPhone front case suggesting the handset will feature an edge-to-edge screen, however anyone with Photoshop could create such an image and print it onto acetate.

The iPhone 5 will be completely redesigned and not as much like the iPhone 4 than analysts originally thought.

Apple generated a lot of hype with their 3D-camera patent. In lieu of that patent, reports suggest that the iPhone 5 will have a more standard, 8-megapixel camera.

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