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Apple unveil new MacBook Air

Date Added 07/01/2011

What we say: We got our first taste of this generation MacBook Air last week, don't worry it wasn't in for repair! It was ordered for one of our clients and it truelly is a special piece of kit.

Apart from the slick design the first thing we noticed was just how quickly the OS boots and is ready to go, no doubt down to the lightening fast solid state drive installed. If your looking for the most portable, most powerful notebook on the market then you will not go wrong with the Air.

What Apple say: Apple have unveiled the all-new MacBook Air the first of the next generation of notebooks that will replace mechanical hard disks and optical drives with Internet services and solid-state flash storage. Available in 11-inch and 13-inch models and weighing as little as 2.3 pounds, the MacBook Air is Apple’s lightest, most mobile notebook ever.

MacBook Air uses the same solid state storage technology as iPad to deliver instant-on responsiveness, up to seven hours of battery life, and up to 30 days of standby time.

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