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Apple to hold iPhone event on 4th October.

Date Added 29/09/2011

Apple has sent out invitations for their latest event to be held on October 4th.

What we do know about the event is that the invitation sent shows that the main feature will be iPhone related, will be at 10:00am PT (6:00pm in the UK) and unlike previous iPhone events, the venue for the event will be held at Apples headquarters in Cupertino, California.

Rumours are rife as to what will be featured at the event and here at the spot we’ve picked out our favourites that have been circulating for the past few weeks and which we think are most likely.

Likelihood of a new iPhone being launched: 9 out of 10

With the message on the invitation saying, “Let’s talk about iPhone”, this all but confirms that Apple will be launching a new phone at the event.

A redesigned iPhone called the iPhone 5 is likely to be released at the event. However, Apple has reportedly been working on a slightly updated version of its iPhone 4 called the iPhone 4s.

Earlier this month, Apple board member and former American vice president Al Gore sparked speculation that Apple could release both the iPhone 4s and iPhone 5 as he was quoted saying, “Not to mention the new iPhones coming out next month.”

Likelihood of release date being confirmed for iOS 5: 9 out of 10

iOS 5 is Apples next operating system for the iPhone, so it is safe to assume that Apple will definitely be talking about it at this event. We highly expect Apple to give a release date on the day.

Likelihood of new CEO Tim Cook hosting the event: 8 out of 10

Rumours suggest that the reason why the venue for this event is at Apples headquarters and not a bigger venue is for one of two reasons. One being that bigger venues were simply not available and the other (and most likely) being that this is the first major event Apple have held since Steve Jobs resigned as CEO.

With Tim Cook taking the reigns as the new CEO, he is expected to be seen as the new face of Apple and what better place to hold an event under his leadership than Apple HQ itself.

However, Steve Jobs is of course chairman of the board at Apple and therefore cannot be ruled out completely of making an appearance.

Likelihood of a new iPod being launched: 7 out of 10

Although Apples latest event is iPhone related, October marks the 10th anniversary of the iPod so it would be surprising if Apple didn’t at least mention the product that helped them to become what they are today.

Reports claim that the iPod classic and iPod shuffle will be scrapped with a new iPod touch being launched. The new iPod touch is expected to be available in white and have 3G capabilities.

Apple usually refresh their iPods this time of year so even if they are not mentioned at this event, expect an announcement before the end of the year.

Likelihood of Facebook iPad app being launched: 6 out of 10

Developers at Facebook have been working on an iPad app for a while.

Whether or not this will be shown at the event remains a mystery. However, with iOS 5 set to feature heavily at the event, this would be a perfect chance for Facebook to show off its new app on Apples latest operating system.

Likelihood of iPad 3 being launched: 2 out of 10

We all know Apple is working on a new iPad and rumours have suggested it could even surface this year. However, with this event being about the iPhone, it would be surprising if Apple launches the iPad 3 at this event.

Even if the iPad 3 was ready, the iPad 2 has no real rivals to challenge it as the leading tablet seller, therefore Apple are in no rush to release it especially considering that the iPad 2 is not even a year old yet.

Here at the spot, we expect Apple to hold a separate event for the iPad 3 around springtime next year.

To summarize, we expect the event will be showcasing iOS 5 on a new iPhone with a few surprises thrown in.

Check back here next week where we shall be highlighting all the best bits from the event.

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