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The world queues for the iPhone 4S

Date Added 09/11/2011

Customers outside Apple and mobile phone stores all around the world have been gearing up for the launch of the iPhone 4S. The social media networks are buzzing with iPhone chatter, many success stories are already filtering through. There have even been reports of O2 in the UK providing breakfast to the dedicated customers lining up outside their high street stores.

With pre-orders selling out, customers queuing may be left disappointed as demand for the phone means it could sell well over 2 million by the weekend.

Pricing for an unlocked and SIM-free iPhone 4S are as follows:

£499 for the 16GB model
£599 for the 32GB model
£699 for the 64GB model

However, mobile phone operators shall be competing to offer the best contract deals for the new phone.

New features for the iPhone 4S include:

The A5 processor meaning that Apples latest iPhone now has up 7x faster graphics than it’s predecessor.

An 8 mega-pixel camera sensor (60% more pixels than the iPhone 4).

But of course the ‘killer’ feature of the new phone is the voice recognition software, Siri.

Siri acts as a ‘personal assistant’ allowing the user to use their voice to send messages, schedule meetings, place phone calls, and more. Siri understands what they say and even talks back.

For more information on the iPhone 4S click here.

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