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Apple in 2012: What to expect.

Date Added 16/01/2012

2012 is finally upon us, a year that brings the Olympic games to London, a whole host of big action summer blockbusters and of course a whole new range of Apple products.

So what exactly can we expect from Apple this year?

With Steve Jobs sadly no longer with us, the pressure will be on CEO Tim Cook to deliver powerful, inspiring keynote speeches just like his predecessor.

For Tim Cook to maintain Apples ‘cool factor’ he’ll need to hit the ground running with a fresh new product. The rumour mill has been churning away recently with speculation of the highly anticipated ‘iTV’.

We all know that Apple do not comment on rumour or speculation. However, if the rumours are to be believed, then this year will see Apple finally unveil to the world an iOS powered television set. Although an Apple television has been talked about for the past few years, rumours kicked in to overdrive when it was revealed in Walter Isaacson’s biography of Steve Jobs that a great interface for television had been “finally cracked”.

If ‘iTV’ does get released this year, it will probably be late September or early October therefore you’ll be able to get the device just in time for the holidays.

Features are likely to include voice commands with Siri to control the TV, access to the iTunes and app stores to purchase movies, tv shows and a whole range of apps exclusive to the television set and the ability to record shows and save them to iCloud. There may also be some sort of app available on the iPhone and iPad to act as a physical remote for the TV.

There will likely be a range of different sizes available with prices expected to be close to £1000.

The other major product releases this year will of course be the iPad3 and the iPhone 5.

Expect both products to have faster processors, better cameras and a slightly different design from their predecessors with the iPad 3 having a retina display and the iPhone 5 debuting an updated iOS.

If Apple keeps with tradition, expect the iPad 3 to be launched around early spring time and the iPhone 5 to be launched late summer or early autumn.

Like every year, updates for Apples Macbooks, iMacs and iPods will be likely. Faster processors and better graphics will be expected but it is doubtful that there will be any major redesign in either of these devices.

All in all, 2012 will see Apple continue to be the market leader in innovative and inspiring products.

Here at the spot, we would like to wish all our customers a very happy new year and look forward to providing all your servicing needs for the year ahead.

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