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They’re back: Rovio launch Angry Birds Space

Date Added 22/03/2012

From today, anyone with access to the app store and mac app store can download the latest addition of Rovios hugely popular Angry Birds franchise, Angry Birds Space.

Costing just 69p (£1.99 for the HD version), fans are introduced to 60 new levels in which Rovio have consulted with NASA to achieve a new style of game play.

The game play isn’t they only thing that has changed as all the birds have been re-designed.

The red, blue and bomb birds have all been equipped with space like costumes whilst yellow bird has changed colour and is now a purple bird called laser bird. The giant red bird has also changed colour and is now a green bird called Terence.

There is all a new bird to play with called ice bird, who is able to freeze objects and those nasty green pigs.

Rovio has also promised that regular free updates will be coming to Angry Birds Space just like they have been for other titles in the franchise.

Here at the spot, we don’t usually have time to play games. However, when it comes to Angry Birds, we make an exception and having played the new game here, we can honestly say that it is just as charming as it’s predecessors and will no doubt prove to be just as popular.

For more information about the new game, click here.

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