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Apple announce new Macbook Pros and iOS 6 at WWDC

Date Added 12/06/2012

Apple’s WWDC started yesterday in San Francisco, USA where the company announced updates for their laptops and iOS. Here at the spot, we’ve have rounded up the main points of their keynote speech:

New MacBook Pro and updates to existing Apple laptops

A new MacBook Pro with a 2880 x 1800 retina display was introduced which will be configurable to an Intel Core i7 2.7Ghz quad-core processor, 768GB of flash storage and 16GB RAM.

Updates to the existing MacBook Pro and MacBook Air were also announced with new processors and faster graphics.

iOS 6

Apples operating system for it’s iPad and iPhone will receive a major update with some exciting new features including:

New maps app – Apple will be ditching Google maps and provide iOS 6 users with a new mapping solution created by Apple themselves. The new maps app will feature turn by turn navigation, Siri integration and a 3D view of cities rendered in realtime.

Facebook integration – Similar to the Twitter integration already available, users will now be able to post photos to the social network site directly from the photos app and post their location directly from the maps app. Facebook events will also appear in calendars.

Siri update – Apples voice recognition software gets a major update which will allow users to get sport scores, find restaurants by their ratings, find movie times, launch apps and also Tweet. iOS 6 also sees Siri finally coming to the iPad.

FaceTime update – Users will now be able to use FaceTime over their mobile network and will also be able to unify their number with their Apple ID so if someone calls their phone, they can answer it on their iPad of Mac.

iOS 6 is expected to be released in the Autumn.

The price for Mac OS X Mountain Lion was also announced at the WWDC with the upgrade costing only £13.99.

Mountain Lion will be available to download form the Mac App Store in July.

For more information on these exciting new updates from Apple, the keynote speech can be viewed here.

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