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Apple to launch new product on September 12th

Date Added 06/09/2012

September 12th, mark the date because once again, the worlds media will be focused on Apple.

The event, which is to take place in San Francisco, is widely expected to see the launch of the much anticipated iPhone 5 and if the rumours are true, expect some major changes.

Recent reports suggest that the iPhone 5 will feature a whole host of new features including:

A bigger screen – The current iPhone has a 3.5-inch screen, expect this to be increased to 4 inches. The increase in size will mean an extra row of apps will be available on the home screen and of course picture quality should be improved.

A new dock connector – Not the most popular decision Apple have ever made but lets face it, the dock connector currently used by Apple has been around for years. A new and small connector will most likely mean other features such as battery capacity can be increased without adding to the overall size of the iPhone.

New earphones – Again, Apple’s current earphones have had pretty much the same design for years. New earphones will most likely improve sound quality and feel more comfortable in the ears.

iOS 6 – We all know about the exciting new features coming to Apples mobile operating system and iOS 6 will more than likely be pre-installed on the new iPhone. However, Apple and Google aren’t friends anymore so expect to see the YouTube app gone and of course Google Maps (which will be replace by Apples own mapping service).

As usual, Apple do not comment on rumours and speculation so it looks like we’ll just have to wait and see what surprises they have in store for us on the 12th.

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