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Apple in 2013: The year of the iWatch and iTV?

Date Added 15/02/2013

For Tim Cook (Apple CEO), 2013 is the year Apple will look to reestablish themselves as the number 1 brand in consumers eyes.

With all the lawsuits and patent disputes being aimed at Apple recently, it is safe to say that Apple have lost some of the ‘cool’ factor that made them a company on the verge of bankruptcy to the power house they are today.

So what can we expect from Apple this year? Obviously there’ll be updates to the iPhone, iPad and Mac computers as well as updates to the software that runs them. But for many people, just another update to an already existing product simply will not do.

Apple are expected to launch a smart watch this year nicknamed the iWatch.

Not much is known about this other than it is likely to be announced spring time this year and that it’s heading towards the production stage.

Rumors speculate that Apple will use curved glass for the display and apart from obviously displaying the time, users will also be able to receive texts and e-mails wirelessly on the device.

Claims have been made that 100 Apple technicians are working on the iWatch but as always, Apple do not comment on speculations and rumors.

The other product being talked about this year is of course an Apple TV set. This has been talked about for a few years now so could 2013 finally be the year that we see it?

Features would most likely include Siri to control the TV and access to the iTunes store to purchase movies and TV shows. But let’s talk about the gaming potential it could have.

iPhone/iPad games such as Angry Birds and Infinity Blade have done wonders for Apples profits, surely high definition gaming on a bigger screen would be the next logical step for Apple.

With Microsoft and Sony rumored to be announcing the highly anticipated Xbox 720 and Playstation 4 this year and the games industry estimated to be worth $83billion dollars by 2016, why wouldn’t Apple want a bigger piece of the pie?

Apple are well known for the reliability of their products, just imagine playing all those high definition games on a huge screen safe in the knowledge that your newly acquired Apple television set isn’t going to break down after 5 minutes.

This year could finally be the year that Apple not only enter the television industry, but also become a serious contender in the gaming industry.

Regardless of what Apple bring out this year, here at the spot we can assure you of one thing. We’ll be there to service your new Apple product if it should break down.

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