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Apple in 2014

Date Added 13/12/2013

2014 is fast approaching and while most of us will be spending the summer nervously watching England take on the rest of the world at the FIFA world cup, Apple as always, will be looking to excite us with their latest products.

So what will Apple excite us with this year?

With Tim Cook now fully established as Apple CEO, consumers will be looking to him to deliver something new in order to prevent them from switching over to such rivals as Samsung and Google.

Rumours suggest that 2014 may see the launch of a new ‘iWatch’.

As always, Apple do not comment on rumour and speculation, however, with Samsung and others delivering new devices, we wouldn’t be surprised if Apple wants a piece of the potentially lucrative smart watch market.

As always, we can expect to see updates to the ever popular iPhones and iPads with both expected to have faster processors, better cameras and a whole host of new features.

Apple will also be looking to continue it’s increasing rise to the top of the desktop and portable computer markets with the re-designed Mac Pro (scheduled for release in late December/ Early 2014) and updates to it’s iMac and MacBook Air/Pro products.

It is most likely that updates to the iOS and Mac OS operating systems will also be available to download later in the year.

Here at the spot, we would like to wish all our customers a very happy new year and look forward to providing all your servicing needs for the year ahead.

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