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Apple Watch, the next revolution?

Date Added 29/04/2015

Being the first new major product that Apple has released for a few years, it’s no wonder why there has been a lot of excitement over the Apple Watch. We’ve seen it endorsed by the likes of Beyonce, Katy Perry and a whole host of other celebrities.

Being a watch, its primary function was always going to be telling the time and most watches are designed to have one singular face that does just that. However, being a watch designed by Apple, you have the option of choosing from a variety of different faces, whether it be analogue, digital or Mickey Mouse moving his arms around the dial. Apple even worked with astrophysicists to design a face that allows you to see the solar system and the exact position of the planets, sun and moon as you move forward or go back in time. Not only that, the Apple Watch also adjusts to what ever time zone you are in so you never have to set the time yourself.

The Apple watch is also changing the way in which we communicate with each other. Popular social media apps such as twitter and instagram are already compatible with the device and Apple watch users can use it to check e-mails, messages, take phone calls and share their current location technically eliminating the need for users to check their smart phones every few minutes.

But perhaps the biggest selling point of the watch however, is how it can be used to help us stay healthier and more active. In a world that’s becoming more and more obsessed with health and fitness, the new activity app provides the user a simple snapshot of their daily activity with a 3 ring system which shows how many calories they’ve burned, how many minutes of brisk activity they’ve completed and how often they’ve stood up to take a break from sitting. The goal? Just complete each ring every day. There’s also a heart rate sensor, GPS and accelerometer that work together to measure the ways in which we move. The health and fitness apps available on the watch are so advanced, they helped Model Christy Turlington Burns achieve a personal best time of 3hrs and 46 minutes during the 2015 London Marathon. She kept a blog whilst training which can be found here.

With over 3,500 apps already available and new apps get added every day, the Apple Watch does so much more than what’s been mentioned here. Yet the question remains, will the Apple Watch revolutionise the watch industry? Considering how the iPhone and iPad revolutionised the mobile and tablet industries, only the brave would bet against this.

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