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iCar: myth or reality?

Date Added 19/05/2016

When it comes to Apple, it would seem that not a day goes by without rumours going around that the tech giants are looking to enter a new market and although we are still awaiting to see an iTV or some sort of virtual reality headset, this hasn’t stopped speculation about another rumoured product, the iCar.

Dubbed project Titan, rumours of an Apple car started back in May 2012 when Apple board member Mickey Drexler said that Steve Jobs wanted to rethink the automative industry. However, it wasn’t until February 2015 when rumours started surfacing again with Business Insider claiming to have spoken to an Apple employee who claimed that they are working on a new product that would give car manufactures Tesla ‘a run for its money’.

Both Tesla and Ford believe that Apple are working on a car and other evidence to support this comes in the form of Apple’s patents relating to cars. If you were to check LinkedIn, you’ll also find some former Tesla employees now work for Apple as part of their ‘vehicle development team’.

Apple have also been purchasing and leasing several buildings in Silicon Valle with reports that loud ‘motor noises’ have been heard coming from one of those buildings in Sunnyvale.

Of course with any rumor, there are both arguments for and against and when it comes to Apple, this is no exception. As we know, most big companies work on a whole range of projects that never make it to market and the Apple iCar is no exception.

Back in July of last year, Apple published a web page called Apple Maps vehicles that reads: “Apple is driving vehicles around the world to collect data which will be used to improve Apple Maps. Some of this data will be published in future Apple Maps updates” so it could be that the project in question could relate to nothing more than that.

Both Mercedes and GM also believe that Apple won’t make a car due to their lack of experience in the field and the low margins the industry makes.

Either way, only Apple know the answer when it comes to if we’ll ever see an iCar or not and as we all know, they don’t comment on rumours or speculation. This of course, won’t stop those rumours from appearing over the next few years.

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